Class AA Football Playoffs – Regions 1-4

Wednesday, November 4, 2009
By Steve Copeland

Region 1-AA

Fitzgerlad and Thomasville meet this Friday to determine the champion of Region 1. The loser will settle for the number two spot. Brooks County is set in the number three spot; even with a loss, they defeated both Early County and Cook. That leaves Early County and Cook to battle on the field for the last remaining playoff spot.

Region 2-AA

Charlton County can claim the Region 2 title with a victory this week over McIntosh County Academy; this would also lock Appling County into the second spot, win or lose. If MCI and Appling both win, there will be a three way tie at the top. Since all three teams are definitely in the playoffs, the region would then have to determine the seeding of the teams. (There would not be a mini-game.) Brantley County and Tattnall County square off on the field to see which team grabs the number four spot in the region.

Region 3-AA

Jefferson County has clinched the top spot in Region 3 this year and Swainsboro is the number two team. If Dublin loses to Jefferson County, Vidalia can grab the number three spot by defeating Bleckley County. If Vidalia loses, Dublin is number three and Vidalia is number four.

Region 4-AA

Putnam County, Northeast-Macon, and Henry County all have a shot at the region title. If just one of the three wins this week, that winner will be Region 4 champ. If only two of these teams win, their head-to-head matchup from earlier in the season will determine the region champion. Finally, if all three win or all three lose, the tie-breaker system will set Northeast-Macon in first, Putnam County in second and Henry County in third. (This comes about because of Henry County’s non-region loss to Class AA Decatur.) The final playoff spot comes down to Greene County and Central-Macon. If both teams win, Greene County goes to the playoffs. If only one team wins, that winner goes to the playoffs. To cap it all off with a scenario that looks very possible, if both teams lose, Southwest Macon goes to the playoffs by virtue of their superior record against Class AA schools, a result of their early win over Albany.

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